Test Bank for Concepts of Database Management 9th Edition Joy L. Starks , Philip J. Pratt , Mary Z. Last

Test%2BBank Test Bank for Concepts of Database Management 9th Edition Joy L. Starks , Philip J. Pratt , Mary Z. Last 1

Concepts of Database Management 9th Edition Joy L. Starks , Philip J. Pratt , Mary Z. Last , © 2019 ,ISBN-10: 1337093424

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Meet the Authors


Joy L. Starks, Indiana University, Purdue University at Indianapolis

Joy Starks has taught at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis for 20 years. She has written chapters in several of the best-selling Shelly Cashman Series Office books and has authored the Photoshop, Java Programming, and Microsoft® Publisher series of books. She speaks and presents at various conferences, seminars and forums across the U.S.

Philip J. Pratt, Grand Valley State University

Philip J. Pratt is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science at Grand Valley State University, where he taught for 33 years. His teaching interests include database management, systems analysis, complex analysis and discrete mathematics. He has authored more than 75 textbooks and has co-authored three levels of Microsoft® Office Access books for the popular Shelly Cashman Series as well as A GUIDE TO SQL.

Mary Z. Last,

Mary Z. last has taught computer information systems since 1984. She retired from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, Texas, where she was an Associate Professor and the Director of the Center for Effectiveness in Learning and Teaching. Ms. Last is actively involved in the Computing Educator’s Oral History Project that encourages young women to pursue careers in math and science. She has been a contributing author to the Shelly Cashman Series since 1992. In addition, she authors many invaluable instructor resources for database texts.

What’s New

  • THIS EDITION OFFERS THE MOST COMPLETE AND CURRENT COVERAGE AVAILABLE IN A CONCISE PRESENTATION. The new edition is easy for students to read and understand. Revisions in every chapter highlight the latest technologies, practices, and developments from the field.
  • NEW “YOUR TURN” EXERCISES ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO APPLY THE SKILLS THEY’VE LEARNED. These new, practical exercises in each chapter engage the student in thinking critically and analytically about specific, common problems.
  • COMPLETELY UPDATED CONTENT INCORPORATES SQL SERVER 2016, MICROSOFT® ACCESS 2016, AND OFFICE 365 STANDARDS. This edition’s new full color presentation offers helpful Microsoft® Office screenshots to further guide learning.
  • INTERESTING, CONTEMPORARY CASES APPEAL TO COLLEGE-AGE STUDENTS. A new continuing case problem appears in each chapter throughout the book. In addition, the authors have added a new case to each chapter’s end-of-chapter set of exercises and cases.
  • CRITICAL-THINKING QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES NOW ACCOMPANY EACH CASE. These new questions and exercises that appear in every case challenge students to apply and strengthen their problem-solving and analytical skills. In addition, the authors have updated all exercises to reflect the latest developments in the field.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Database Management.
2. The Relational Model 1: Introduction, QBE, and Relational Algebra.
3. The Relational Model 2: SQL.
4. The Relational Model 3: Advanced Topics.
5. Database Design 1: Normalization.
6. Database Design 2: Design Method.
7. DBMS Functions.
8. Database Administration.
9. Database Management Approaches.
Appendix A: Comprehensive Design Example: Marvel College.
Appendix B: SQL Reference.
Appendix C: MySQL.
Appendix D: “How Do I” Reference.
Appendix E: Using Access to Create a Web App.
Appendix F: A Systems Analysis Approach to Information-Level Requirements.

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